Revolutionizing Court Case Management

Elevate Efficiency, Ensure Security, and Promote Justice with Court Case Management solutions

Justice CX – A Fresh Approach to Court Case Management

Courts worldwide grapple with the complexities of escalating volumes of civil and criminal cases. Justice CX is here to reshape the management of these cases by employing cutting-edge digital technologies. Our expert solutions boost court efficiency by replacing paper-based processes with an advanced records management system. Justice CX is a secure, globally recognized system that empowers justice organizations to manage legal cases more efficiently, improving access to justice.

Tailored Solutions for Various Courts

Empowering Courts at All Levels

Justice CX is tailored to serve County and State Courts, Municipal Courts, Prosecutors, and Public Defenders. With the growing case volumes, especially in County and State Courts, our solution streamlines processes, reduces time, and creates efficient workflows regardless of the size of your court.

Features of Justice CX

court case management

What Justice CX Offers

Justice CX modernizes justice organizations by replacing the traditional, paper-based system with a dynamic, digital solution for criminal, civil, and traffic cases. Our system reduces travel and administrative costs by integrating with databases for authentic information verification.

court management software

Secure Access & Collaboration

Our case management system permits authorized personnel to access legal documents and collaborate through customized workflows.

court case management software

Data Analytics Integration

Integration with data analytics empowers judges, prosecutors, and court officers with the essential information for informed decision-making, speeding up processing times based on similar previous cases.

Automated Scheduling feature

Automated Scheduling & Online Payments

Automated scheduling assists stakeholders in efficiently managing their time, while online payments facilitate streamlined and secure fee management.

With Justice CX, You Can

Elevate Your Court’s Capabilities with Justice CX

justice cx capabilities

Create and track the progress of cases across multiple court jurisdictions.

business process workflows

Align configurable business process workflows with the Court's processes for case transfer and routing.

case progress notifications

Automate case progress notifications for case parties and e-process owners.

court case status tracking feature

Enable clients to track case status in real time through portals.

Justice CX case document management

Easily make copies of case documents available to authorized users.

court case management solution

Integrate with other entities for a holistic view.

Configure assignment and calendar rules based on the workload and schedule of Prosecutors and Judges.

case management software capabilities

Experience an all-in-one view of a case with the new Judge's Workbench.

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Take the Leap into Modern Court Case Management with Justice CX

Empower your organization with the efficient, secure, and sophisticated solutions that Justice CX provides. Join the revolution in court case management.