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Justice CX, a cutting-edge platform designed to revolutionize the justice system’s landscape. Leveraging years of domain expertise and advanced technology, we bring to you a Justice and Public Safety Software that streamlines processes, enhances citizen engagements, and transforms an efficient justice ecosystem.

Key Features

Innovating Justice: The Power of Justice CX.

justice and public safety software

Case Management for Prosecutors & Public Defenders

Digital revolution in court case management: efficient, secure, and globally recognized. Transforming paper to digital.

justice and public safety

Knowledge Management, Appeals & Grievance Management

Superior knowledge management for courts: multi-lingual, intelligent search, and trend notifications. Empower and inform.

intelligent case filing

Intelligent Case Filing

Seamless e-filing for legal pros: accessible, accurate, and efficient. Handle cases on-the-go with Justice CX.

Lawyers and Public Portal

Lawyers & Public Portal

One-stop platform: file cases, manage schedules, and view analytics. Modernizing law firm operations.

Public Safety Software Advanced Scheduling

Advanced Scheduling

Intelligent scheduling for modern courts: automate case assignments, ensure expertise, and balance workloads.



Supreme Judicial Council Qatar

SJC - Qatar


Qatar’s Supreme Judicial Council faced delays using multiple applications for case management. Speridian Technologies implemented integrated Justice CX Module of CaseXellence, streamlining processes and improving operational efficiency, reducing in-person court attendances.

Social Care and Minors Affairs Foundation UAE



The UAE’s Social Care & Minors Affairs Foundation oversees minors’ care and investments. Requirement was foe a comprehensive Heritage Life Cycle Management Solution. Speridian provided CaseXellence Justice CX  an integrated system, automating inheritance management, and offering analytical reports. This resulted in enhanced service delivery and efficient reporting.

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Embark on your Digital Transformation Journey with Justice CX!

With Justice CX, elevate your justice experience. We combine innovation, technology, and deep domain expertise to deliver solutions that empower justice systems and enhance citizen experiences. Let’s join hands to create a more agile, transparent, and efficient justice system.