Streamline Eligibility Management with CaseXellence's Integrated Eligibility Management

Enhance accuracy and efficiency in welfare programs with real-time data validation using our state-of-the-art platform’s integrated eligibility verification.

The Integrated Eligibility Management Module – A Game-Changer in Public Benefits Program Management!

CaseXellence brings you an innovative Integrated Eligibility Management module designed to revolutionize how state governments and agencies process applications for assistance programs. With real-time and seamless integration with various federal and state  data sources, this module enhances accuracy and efficiency in public benefits program management.


Delve into the Core Features of Integrated Eligibility Management

integrated eligibility

Comprehensive 360-degree view of Applicants

Provides a 360-degree view of the applicants across all programs and applications. Establishes tools and processes out of the box for creating a Master Person Idex (MPI) and track all client activities in one single view. Enables agencies to provide a person centric services and gives and opportunity to refer them to additional programs without reapplying.

integrated eligibility system

Real-time applicant verification

Our solution enables real-time verification of applicant data through prebuilt integrations to various state and federal datasources, thereby speeding up the verification process and reducing errors.

integrated system

Instant Clearance Reporting

Results of the validation are instantly available on the Case Management  system for staff review , expediting the application processing.

integrated eligibility management

Enhanced Case Integrity and Efficiency

The real-time validation process bolsters case integrity and administrative efficiency, ensuring a smoother and faster experience for both staff and applicants.


Experience the Advantages of Integrated Eligibility Management

integrated eligibility management advantages

Accuracy and Speed

Real-time  verification of applicant data ensures the accuracy of applicant data and expedites processing times.

best integrated eligibility system

Improved Case Integrity

Identity verification and Real-time data validation enhances case integrity and ensures the legitimacy of applications.

integrated eligibility management services

Perfect for Multiple Assistance Programs

The Integrated Eligibility Management module is designed for seamless application across various assistance programs, including Temporary Assistance (TANF), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Medicaid, and Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP).

Benefits of integrated eligibility management

Reduced Errors

By cross-verifying demographic information with various federal and state data sources , the system minimizes errors and discrepancies.

Integrated Eligibility Services

Administrative Efficiency

Streamlined processes relieve the administrative burden and allow for more focus on delivering quality services.

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Elevate Your Welfare Program Management with Integrated Eligibility Management!

Be the harbinger of innovation and efficiency in welfare program management. Contact us to learn how CaseXellence’s Integrated Eligibility Management module can be the catalyst for transformative changes in your welfare programs.